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Ripple Story
Web Design
Logo Design
Color Pallete
The Brief

Partico is an collaborative group project based on creating a brand that does good. By researching current environmental issues that were of interest in the group, the organization Partico was born. The goal of Partico is to educate our community on the harmful effects of microplastics in the ocean, a octopus shaped glass sculpture render was designed to give a glimpse on how Designcan educate society. With the main intention of "How can Partico raise awareness about microplastics for ur community to promote change to recognize the interconnection between marine biodiversity and society?"

The overall outcome was a website design, installation Designand fully fleshed brandmark with a mission behind Partico.
ParticoCover ParticoMap ParticoColorBlock ParticoBrandmark ParticoArtifact ParticoWebsiteDesign
ParticoRippleStory ParticoIsolation ParticoBrandmark ParticoArtifact ParticoArtifact ParticobackCover

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